WWE Off The Script w/JDfromNY Ep #19: Roman Reigns Is Not The Guy…He Is A Suspended Guy & Rightfully So

July 3, 2016 @ 5:55 pm

I AM BACK after 2 weeks away. Off The Script this weekend talks about Roman Reigns suspension and why it is justified and why WWE needs to take further action against Reigns and NOT reward him upon return. Dean Ambrose is the WWE Champion but according to sources has a TON of Backstage heat in his new Championship role. Bobby Heenan has a Twitter? Nah, just some GOON pretending to be Bobby Heenan with a VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNT! We talk how awful Monday Night Raw was and go over NXT leading to Nakamura vs Balor! HAPPY 4th of JULY EVERYONE!

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