The WWE “Brand To Brand Invitational Is Complete GARBAGE & WWE NEEDS TO NED IT BEFORE IT STARTS! | Off The Script 215 Part 2

May 16, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

New year. Same mistakes by WWE. The Brand To Brand invitational or known better as Vince McMahon's "Wild Card Rule" is complete garbage, and is doing more harm than good for the WWE product. It needs to go away before it gets started and after every reason I give you, you will understand why.

Also on this episode of Off The Script, follow up stories on Sami Zayn having backstage heat in WWE and further information on he is legitimately being punished for doing the right thing, Roman reigns not even being talked about at all backstage in WWE and a theory I have as to why they suddenly "erased" him from everyone's memory. Where has Bobby Roode been? Vince Mcmahon reportedly is determined to have fans at Summerslam this year. The original plans for Becky Lynch following Money In The Bank if she did not get pregnant. The WWE Monday Night Raw ratings report and recap. Austin Theory could be on his way back to NXT. WWE moving forward with a new heel stable on Monday Night Raw. Why Seth Rollins was weirdly disqualified on Raw during his tag team match with Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black.The plan moving forward for Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship, and what happened to 205 Live?

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