Off The Script #217 Part 3: Matt Riddle Isn’t the Only One getting Called Up from NXT BRO! A Look Into The Current main Roster & Why Fans Have No Faith In Any NXT Talent Called Up

June 1, 2020 @ 11:35 am

Matt Riddle is not the only NXT talent being call up to the main roster, as news is being reported of two more huge names in NXT possibly making the jump to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, and a look into why no one should have any faith in WWE doing right with NXT talent after many of them could be look at as failures. WWE has already filmed the finals of the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals between AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan and it is said to be "unbelievable". Nia Jax has heat backstage after Vince McMahon has banned a move Saturday that she used to injure Kairi Sane on WWE Raw. Vince McMahon has cancelled pushes for three top Raw Superstars with no explanation. A top SmackDown lead Writer was fired this week after he just received a promotion from the company. A major name is returning to WWE after being fired on Black Wednesday, and an explanation has been given as to why Jeff Hardy showed up at the end of SmackDown in the match between Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

More MAJOR Call-Ups From NXT To Main Roster! Lead SmackDown Writer FIRED | Off The Script 328 Part 3

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