Off The Script #217 Part 2: Rey Mysterio” Retiring” On Monday Night Raw Could Lead To An EPIC Story Line That Will Make Seth Rollins Into The Biggest Heel In Wrestling

May 31, 2020 @ 11:56 am

Rey Mysterio is "retiring" on Monday Night Raw...and this gives the WWE the perfect opportunity to use his retirement as a way to really make Seth Rollins into the biggest heel in the WWE

Also on this episode of Off The Script, how likely is Seth Rollins vs Edge this year, and why WWE retired a popular trademark of Edge before his return. Vince mcMahon had previously given up on Apollo Crews, and why we have been taught to not have any faith in WWE doing right by someone that they have kept down for as long as Apollo Crews. Update on Samoa Joe, and if he will return to the ring, WWE has "released" Nigel McGuinness from his duties in NXT...FOR NOW. Adam Cole vs The Velveteen Dream for the NXT Championship at Takeover In Your House has already been filmed, the Raw, NXT and AEW ratings report, WWE had plans for Hulk Hogan to compete at Wrestlemania 36 this year, and is WWE looking to resurrect WCW?

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Off The Script is a weekly WWE podcast that is always completely honest, covering the latest pro wrestling news, WWE news, WWE rumors, and WWE highlights of the week, weekly reviews for WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite, and all major PPV shows during the year.

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