Off The Script #209 Part 1: WWE Promises Roman Reigns Being Pulled From the Wrestlemania Universal Championship Match Will Be “Unique”…And I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT

April 3, 2020 @ 6:34 pm

Roman Reigns is still being advertised for Wrestlemania 36 in his match against Goldberg but we all know he has been removed from the show. How will WWE explain Roman Reigns' removal from Wrestlemania? Well according to Triple H and WWE, he will be removed in a very "unique manner"...nobody knows what this means but if it's as unique as the way they made the Roman Reigns vs Goldberg match in the first place, it will be terrible.

Also on this episode of Off The Script, the weekly WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT Ratings report, why WWE is still advertising matches that will not happen at Wrestlemania, Roman reigns finally breaks his silence on social media about his decision to not work Wrestlemania, rumors of Roman Reigns missing several months of TV time because of his concern over his health, WWE Superstars are worried the company will start to release talents once again, Mark Henry of Busted Open Radio says it should be Goldberg vs Matt Riddle at Wrestlemania, will WWE be going into a mini "off season" in April, what actually happened with the botch from Montez Ford on WWE Raw, how serious is the injury to Andrade, what exactly a Boneyard Match is directly from AJ Styles, where has Kairi Sane been, what Seth Rollins NOW thinks of his feud with Bray Wyatt and where AEW Dynamite held their "secret" show this week on TNT.

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