Off the Script #207 Part 1: Wrestlemania 36 Relocated to The WWE Performance Center & Will be A Two Night Show BUT The Majority opf The WWE Would Rather The Company Postpone The Show

March 20, 2020 @ 6:32 pm

With every move, WWE makes the overall Wrestlemania situation worse. Now it will be a two night event hosted by Rob Gronkowski, with it possibly filmed in multiple locations, and the majority of the WWE roster would rather the entire show be postponed.Wrestlemania can not be 8 hours long and can not take place with 16 matches like it usually is scheduled to have. It has been a struggle this year, and Vince McMahon certainly is not to blame but with everything that is going on, and the desires of his roster, Vince will do what Vince wants, to make not only his shareholders happy but his wallet as well.

On this episode of Off the Script, WWE could have a plan in place to potentially moved Wrestlemania 36 into Madison Square Garden in June, the real reason why Vince McMahon decided to run Wrestlemania 36 inside the WWE Performance Center, and how much money he is set to lose on not having the event take place in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium, why people in WWE feel like "empty arena matches" just don't work, and why they can if WWE stopped being creatively lazy, update on the rumor of Wrestlemania being filmed in multiple locations away from the WWE Performance Center and being a TAPED SHOW, what Wrestlemania 36 matches need to happen and absolutely not happen, and where the WWE plans to move the Hall of Fame for 2020.

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