Off The Script #206 Part 1: So AJ Styles vs The Undertaker Is Confirmed For Wrestlemania But What If WWE Turned It Into A Casket Match? Ricochet Wants Back In NXT, Erick Rowan’s Character Finished

March 13, 2020 @ 7:43 pm

Remember when the Undertaker was special? What made the undertaker special to you? What made his character EPIC when we were younger? This year at Wrestlemania, it's just a "match" with AJ Styles for the sake of having a match but if the rumors are to be believed, we may be getting a Casket Match at Wrestlemania.

WWE Raw draws the lowest rating of the year and WWE SmackDown had its lowest rating since January in what was a very bad week for WWE programming. SmackDown is taking place at the WWE Performance Center and will see the return of John Cena as he confronts Bray Wyatt for their Wrestlemania 36 match. Paige heavily rumored to get back into the ring, as she will also be on SmackDown to address Bayley, a major 6 Pack Challenge rumored for the SmackDown Women's Title at Wrestlemania 36, a possible Women's Tag Team Championship Match at Wrestlemania being planned, when will Edge return back to Monday Night Raw Rezar of the AOP will be out a VERY long time, why Heavy Machinery did not win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at the Elimination Chamber, Ricochet address fans over his recent losing streak on Monday Night Raw, why Erick Rowan's gimmick is no more after Monday, Tony Khan says talent can miss shows with all the recent happenings, and major news on AEW rescheduling some pretty important shows in New York and New Jersey.

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