Off The Script 264: AEW Fans Expose Themselves This Week For Being Irrational & Idiotic Following Blood & Guts AND The Terrible Habit AEW NEEDS TO BREAK

May 8, 2021 @ 7:10 pm

AEW Blood & Guts brought out the absolute worst opinions in pro wrestling all year because of its conclusion. People were upset for calling AEW out on obvious flaws, and the AEW fanbase exposed themselves as a fanbase that can't take criticism for when AEW does wrong. All I know, is that it could have been done better and AEW is making a habit out of taking a great match and ruining it with a terrible ending. 

Also, on this episode of Off The Script:
- Start 0:00
- Jinder Mahal is on his way back to WWE Raw 13:16
- Date for this year’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV revealed 22:49
- Summerslam being held earlier than usual this year? 24:30
- The very latest on Daniel Bryan, WWE contract expired, what the feel is backstage to his departure, WWE hopefully to sign him 29:13

- AEW fanbase exposes themselves are worse than WWE, and the one terrible habit AEW, Tony Khan and management needs to break 50:31

- WWE thought Blood & Guts was "barbaric" and an embarrassment to the wrestling industry 1:25:59

- AEW ratings 1:33:05
- Double Or Nothing full capacity announced 1:36:26
- Chris Jericho wants Samoa Joe in AEW 1:38:40
- WWE SmackDown ratings 1:40:39

- Bruce Prichard absent from SmackDown, Triple H backstage more and more every week on Friday night 1:43:35

- Exclusive behind Paul Heyman's 10 Bell Salute promo on Daniel Bryan 1:46:55

- Where was Aleister Black on SmackDown? 1:48:34
- NXT ratings 1:50:27
- The reason behind Isaiah "Swerve" Scott's new stable 1:52:07
- WWE Raw ratings 1:55:02
- Randy Orton & Matt Riddle to get HUGE push on Raw 1:56:31


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