Off The Script 256: Dear Tony Khan, If You Do Not Deliver Brock Lesnar OR CM Punk, This Announcement AT Revolution Will Be A Complete FAILURE

March 6, 2021 @ 5:30 pm

Tony Khan has made a promise that AEW has a MAJOR announcement of a HUGE NAME signing with the company at Revolution. If Tony Khan does not deliver CM Punk or Brock Lesnar, this entire announcement and the hype around it will be the biggest failure of the year for AEW. 

Also, on this episode of Off The Script:

- Latest on when WWE plans to put WrestleMania 37 tickets on sale
- Several top matches set up for WWE WrestleMania 37
- Vince McMahon is reportedly hiding WWE WrestleMania plans from talent
- Vince McMahon upset about Wrestlemania plans leaking online
- WWE talking about a two night possible Takeover Wrestlemania week?
- Batista addresses if he is the mystery man at Revolution
- AEW is planning another surprise for Revolution PPV
- AEW Dynamite, NXT, WWE Raw & SmackDown ratings report
- Cody Rhodes' response to NXT moving to Tuesday night
- WWE NXT’s move to Tuesday night is considered a “done deal”
- Bobby Lashley's win was also a big win for WWE on social media
- Bobby Lashley reveals Vince McMahon's reaction after Raw Monday
- Backstage news on why Damian Priest got a long match on WWE Raw
- WWE officials were pleased with top match on Monday’s Raw
- WWE star has been wrestling with a torn PCL

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