Off The Script #210 Part 1: Edge Becomes The Latest WWE Superstar To SHIT On Fans After negative Reaction To His WrestleMania 36 Match With Randy Orton

April 10, 2020 @ 6:59 pm

The Randy Orton vs Edge match just was not good. It should not have been 37 minutes long and according to Edge if you didn't like that you are part of a "minuscule militia of malcontent people", who's opinions don't matter because you are being negative for the sake of being negative...sorry Edge, you ain't right on this one, no matter how much of a WWE shill you want to show us you quickly became in your return.

Also, on this episode of Off The Script, who REALLY allowed the "Chris Benoit" spot during Randy Orton vs Edge at Wrestlemania 36, and why I don't understand people who were upset about it, apparently the reason Rhea Ripley lost to Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 36 was because of an expiring Visa...I am here to tell you no matter what, Charlotte was always going over because Charlotte Flair is looking to make herself more obnoxious than Roman Reigns 2018. Apparently Jeff Hardy was the original Plan B for Wrestlemania and Goldberg, NOT Braun Strowman, backstage news on what WWE is planning for Sasha Banks and Bayley on SmackDown, the news coming out of the Firefly Fun House and why I enjoyed it more the second time around, the inside scoop of the production of the Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker, and is this the last time we will see THAT version of The Undertaker, plus the WWE filming schedule for new content for the next month during Lockdown in Orlando.

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