Off The Script #206 Part 2: With Wrestlemania 36 STILL Scheduled For Tampa, Is Vince McMahon Trying To Play “God” During A Worldwide Epidemic?

March 14, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

We all know why WWE has yet to cancel or postpone Wrestlemania and its all because of money, and the dwindling WWE Stocks. Will Wrestlemania get postponed, or will Vince McMahon relish in the fact he is the only game in town, and risk not only his reputation but the health of his roster and the good standing of the city of Tampa.

On this episode of Off the Script, we go in detail about how Tampa officials have handled Wrestlemania, should it be postponed, and if so, what are Vince McMahon's backup plans? Why hasn't Tampa just postponed it, when all the power lies in their hands, and not Vince McMahon's? The WWE stops paying The Revival and why I think they will eventually be released, Vince McMahon furious over recent Ronda Rousey leak, Rob Gronkowski signs with WWE, John Cena possibly retiring at Wrestlemania in Tampa, and Exclusive interview with Matt Hardy goes in depth about why WWE never felt the need to use him, Nia Jax is returning to the company and is officially cleared, why the Women's Elimination Chamber Match was not the original Main Event, and why Booker T says he is not invested right now in a Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler match at Wrestlemania.

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