Off The Script #197 Part 2: CM Punk To Miz: “Go Suck A Blood Money Covered D**k In Saudi Arabia You F**king Dork”

January 11, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

CM Punk has a big mouth. Rightfully so, and the Miz found that out first hand. After a recent WWE Backstage appearance, The Miz indirectly threw a shot at CM Punk, which in turn prompted CM Punk say something not so nice on Twitter, which he then later deleted but it has people talking about a possible storyline, and a Royal Rumble appearance by CM Punk. Stop dreaming folks. Also, Edge returning to WWE and the rumors of his return are HEATING UP AGAIN, WWE is thinking about taking two huge Main Roster stars and moving them to NXT, Shayna Baszler is coming "sooner rather than later", Matt Hardy is definitely on his way out of WWE according to Dave Meltzer, update on the return of Ruby Riott, and a leaked Wrestlemania 36 card made its way online that gives us all no hope at all if it is what Vince McMahon is truly thinking about Tampa.

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