WWE Off The Script w/JDfromNY Ep #21: Brock Lesnar Fails Potential USADA Issued Drug Test & Why The Crusierweight Classic Week 1 Was Amazing!

July 18, 2016 @ 11:40 pm
WWE Off The Script this week DIVES head first in the Brock Lesnar story and WHY I do not think Brock Lesnar was busted for what everyone thinks he was busted for. Roman Reigns apparently is on Vince McMahon's shit list before the WWE Draft...and I rant on why I think Vince McMahon continues to be clueless about literally everything leading up to Tuesday Live Smackdown. The Cruiserweight Classic Week 1 was simply amazing on the WWE Network. I give you my opinion on why this is the best thing WWE has done all year for its fans. Finally...I try and calm down a lot of people thinking WWE "copied" TNA & the "Final Deletion" with the Wyatt Family & The New Day.

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